WISH TO KNOW The Secret To Quitting Smoking?

Unfortunately, smoking during pregnancy even increases the risk of your child dying during the first few years of his life by up to 40 % (NICE 2010). So quitting is a really important step to adopt now. Get support. Folks are more likely to achieve success at stopping when friends and family help. Unless you want to share with your family that you smoke, ask friends to help you give up. Consider confiding in a counselor or other adult you trust. If it's hard to find people who support you (like if friends and family smoke cigarettes and aren't considering quitting), join an online or in-person support group.
Most smokers fear that quitting smoking will lead them to put on weight. The common weight gain is just about 5-10lbs. This fear of gaining weight prevents many smokers from seeking to stop, while some stop and then relapse when they placed on weight. Most of the weight you gain when you give up smoking is caused by an increase in calories. This will happen if you replace smoking with food. However, you can stay your common weight if you take in sensibly and get more active.
Suggestions include: go for a walk, drink one glass of water, kiss your lover or child, toss the ball for your dog, play a game, wash the car, remove a cupboard or closet, have sexual intercourse, chew a piece of gum, wash that person, brush your tooth, take a nap, get a sit down elsewhere or tea, practice your deep breathing, light a candle. Make copies of the list and keep one to you all the time so when the craving hits, you can whip out the list and quickly do something from it.
Let's weigh up the reality. The hazards of smoking to your health are well documented. Quitting smoking will significantly decrease the hazards of major center diseases and malignancies. Putting on a few pounds in weight as you kick the habit pales into insignificance when you recognise the overall health benefits of giving up. It's miles better to shed several pounds in weight than face a fight against a major illness.
When you have made your decision to give up, set a time frame for stopping and prepare to quit. Consider where and when you usually have a cigarette. These are the times that you will be more likely to have cravings after you stop smoking. You might have to improve your routine, and discover things you can do with your hands. The important thing is to break the behavior — not simply the smoking behavior, but any patterns that lead you to smoke. Determine how you will cope being around other smokers. Learn how to refuse if you are offered a cigarette. Don’t be lured to have even one pull of the cigarette. The poisonous smoking will encourage all the old craving.

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